Frida Kahlo: The New Revolution

Frida Kahlo at Mudec Milan

This year there are two exceptional and major exhibitions of Frida Kahlo going on display in Europe. The first is now open and hosted in Milan at Mudec Museum. The second will be open at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum…

From Loop to Making Winter

Fennel Cowl

Don your apron, roll up your sleeves and discover the amazing book, ‘Making Winter’, about surviving the winter through creativity.  A few months ago, on a gloomy London day, I went to the gorgeous Islington yarn shop and haberdashery, Loop,…

Il Mondo Creativo

Cestino di Mirtilli – illustrated by Elena

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” Einstein. Have fun and see what happens with the little elf Mirtilla – she likes dedicating her time to crafting, sewing and creating throughout the year. However, there was a day when she ran out…

I Love Stamping

Stamps inspired by Ishtar Olivera's book, 'I Love Stamping'

Who doesn’t like to add a personal touch to their greeting cards, notebooks or party invites? If you are inspired by innovative stationery and Japanese culture, you will also like Ishtar Olivera’s book: ‘I love Stamping’. Earlier this year, Ishtar…

Summer, Sun & Swimsuit

Janas Decò Chillie Swimsuit. Photo by Davide Ambroggio

Summer, sun, smoothies, fresh fruit, music, happy hours by the seaside, and what more? Holidays!!!! Soon it will be the 21st of June, the official start of the summer season! The countdown for Summer 2017 is on, and what are…

A touch of Caribbean Rum Spirit

Fire and Punch

Feel the touch of Caribbean spirits this winter. Duppy Share is a wonderful blend of cask-aged golden rums from the Worthy Estate in Jamaica and the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados. It is perfect for the full compliment of rum drinks…